Lt. Shri Ramgopal Dewangan Ji

Shri Ramgopal Dewangan Ji was born in Champa in the year 1955. At a very young age, he realized that he wanted to live his life for others as he had been of conviction that service to man is service to God and therefore dedicated his life to social causes alongside the family business.

He ensured that his children get the best possible education then available, and his great vision is being realized in the form of “Ramgopal Dewangan Memorial Society” as “DPS-JC” continues to spread school education. Certainly in DPS-JC child is the focus point of all activities. Our honourable founder continues to live his vision of spreading education through his sons; Purushottam Dewangan, Raj Kishore Dewangan, Naval Kishore Dewagnan and Kamal Kishore Dewangan.

His first social initiative at his native place Champa, was donating a land in the heart of the village to the government for establishing a school in the name of “Tilakram Bundram Shaskiya Prathmik Shaala” famously known as “Town School” for the village which has nurtured many high achievers of the village as there were not enough schools in those days.

The “RDMS Pratibha” contest conducted every year all over the district of Janjgir-Champa, has been sowing the seeds of consecutiveness among the rural poor as well is a consolidation of our great visionary’s hidden love for the villagers and his belief that rural Indians should be as competent as the city dwellers. His life and lifestyle confirmed that simplicity is not weakness but consolidation and unification of many unrevealed strength.

Apart from his social and spiritual initiative he has built his family business which as a result today, the “RGD Group” is one of the most respected in the field of education and a famous business family in Champa.